Principal's Desk

     As life moves on full circle each day we are faced with situational dilemmas: the how, when and what of things! Each human being, whether a grown-up or a child has distinct individuality of his/her own. Each person is unique – even the person thought to be average can excel in some areas while the person thought to be an achiever can be a Jack of some trades but not Master of all! So why should we feel low? Why when we are blessed with a mind which has the energy to transcend all barriers of time, space and age, are we using the power of our mind to rationalize? There is an old Roman proverb that says” A learned man has always wealth within himself.”

     There is nothing impossible to achieve provided we are blessed with the will to reason, to think with our minds. Why be slaves to fear, worry or sorrow – rather, let us energize ourselves with the free spirit of the mind and face any challenge with fearless courage, meet any challenge with rational, clear thinking and win any situation with the omnipotent power of our mind – only then will we tame insurmountable peaks, break legendary Olympic records, unleash the shackles of depression, breathe the fresh air of happiness and sing an everlasting tune of pure joy – only then we will be able to hold our head high, only then will we have the power to stand alone with the one that is truthful, only then will we be able to rise and shine in adversity, smile - a - while in sorrow, accept our shortcomings and tide over them. Only then will we be gracious in victory and honourable in defeat!

     In the end, the only way you can mean anything to yourself is to respect your own trueself; that will come only with the power of your own mind. The choice is yours. For us, it is all in the mind – all in our grip to mould the very heart which makes us weak-kneed at times. Then no longer will the world be a tough place to live in.


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